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What is ELRC?



ELRC Network

Manages, maintains and coordinates the relevant language resources in all official languages of the EU and CEF associated countries. These activities will help to improve the quality, coverage and performance of automated translation solutions in the context of current and future CEF digital services.

Fundamentally, ELRC Network will raise awareness and promote the acquisition and continued identification and collection of language resources.


Implements the acquisition of additional language resources and related language processing services, as well as their provision to the language resource repository of the CEF eTranslation platform.

The objectives are to acquire high-quality IPR-cleared language resources in all CEF languages in areas relevant to CEF DSIs, as well as to contribute and complement language resource collection in the Member States. The aim is to reach an acceptable level of automated translation quality in key areas of CEF DSIs where multilingual functionalities are needed.



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Successful 8th Meeting of the Language Resource Board in Amsterdam

On 27 and 28 March 2019, ELRC‘s Language Resource Board held its 8th LRB Meeting – this time in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The meeting received great support from the European Commission as it was chaired by June Lowery-Kingston, Head of Unit G.3 Accessibility, Multilingualism and Safer Internet, Philippe Gelin, Head of Sector Multilingualism, and Ainars Freimanis, the corresponding Programme Manager.

New record: More than 1.000 LR collected through ELRC!

Last week, ELRC set a new record: For the first time ever, more than 1.000 language resources were available in the ELRC-SHARE repository.

Funding: CEF eTranslation call now open

The 2019 CEF Telecom Automated Translation call (CEF-TC-2019-1) is now open for submission of proposals. The deadline for submission of proposals is 14 May 2019. Overall, the call makes an indicative €4 million of funding available for supporting several projects related to eTranslation including not only collaborative language resource projects, but also collaborative language tools projects as well as integration projects. Proposers need to apply online using the TENtec eSubmission system.

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Multilingual Europe

Multilingualism is a core value for Europe, home to 24 official languages. Though linguistic diversity is a cherished feature of European identity, multilingualism can also lead to barriers in the digital world. Fortunately, language technologies such as automated translation can help to crack language barriers between people and nations, enabling a truly Multilingual Europe.