Languages — the heart of Multilingual Europe


Language resources are crucial for cracking the language barrier in EU cross-border public services


Public administrations in Europe need to communicate with each other and with the citizens across borders. This communication is often hampered by the language barriers created by the many languages in Europe. The European Commission is supporting public administrations and citizens in their communication tasks by building an Automated Translation platform within the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Programme.

The Automated Translation platform will power Europe's public online services such as Europeana, the Open Data Portal, and the Online Dispute Resolution platform. The platform will help break down language barriers between people and nations in 21st century Europe.

In order to create the automated translation systems in the platform, and to improve their quality and coverage, language resources are needed.

Therefore, in April 2015 the European Commission launched a comprehensive European Language Resource Coordination effort. The objective is to identify and gather language and translation data relevant to national public services, administrations and governmental institutions across all 30 European countries participating in the CEF programme.

All data resources gathered in the initiative will be provided to the European Commission for use in the CEF Automated Translation platform.



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Multilingual Europe

Multilingualism is a core value for Europe, home to 24 official languages. Though linguistic diversity is a cherished feature of European identity, multilingualism can also lead to barriers in the digital world. Fortunately, language technologies such as automated translation can help to crack language barriers between people and nations, enabling a truly Multilingual Europe.


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