Registration to 4th ELRC Conference

To register for the 4th ELRC Conference in Finland, please complete the registration form.

Data protection notification

By ticking this box, you confirm that you have read the copyright information* and you agree that the organisers may use your data, image and voice collected within the context of the event, as described. In accordance with our data protection notification (, with submission of your registration you agree that the organisers may use your data for the purpose of planning and preparing this event. *COPYRIGHT: A photographer and/or a film crew will be present at the conference site to film the event for illustration and information purposes related to the activities of the ELRC, European institutions and the European Union. The event might also be web streamed and recorded. Recordings may be used in publications, in any form of televisual broadcasting or communication via the Internet in order to illustrate or promote the activities of the ELRC. Participants who do not agree to photographing, filming and use of their image and voice have to inform us, before they complete their registration, at the following email address: