Terminology for Europe: CEF eTranslation TermBank project workshop

Terminology for Europe: CEF eTranslation TermBank project workshop 


July 13th, 2018


Regus Business Center

Mooslackengasse 17, A -1190

Vienna, Austria


  • eTranslation TermBank project

  • TermNet

  • Tilde

The eTranslation TermBank (eTTB) project workshop “Terminology for Europe” was held on July 13, 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

Workshop presentations are now available on the workshop programme webpage. 

The eTTB project provides terminological resources to the ELRC-SHARE language resource repository and CEF eTranslation service to improve the quality and coverage of automated translation. Under a terminological resource within the project, we define a set of monolingual, bilingual or multilingual terminological data in a machine-readable form. The project aims to identify, collect, process and provide terminological resources appropriate for the three (but not limited to) sector-specific CEF DSIs: eHealth, e‑Justice/Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

The workshop was organised by the eTTB project partners under the umbrella of the International Terminology Summer School (TSS). TSS is the leading and largest international summer school for terminology professionals with about 70 participants from 30 countries and almost every continent. TSS offers a one-week, practice-oriented training course covering a comprehensive overview of the methods and principles of terminology management. The course is taught by some of the most renowned and prominent terminology experts in the world. Participation in TSS qualifies to obtain the ECQA Certificate for Terminology Managers. TSS was held on July 9-13, 2018 in Vienna, Austria. For more information about TSS, please contact events@termnet.org.

For more information about the workshop and the eTranslation TermBank project, please contact tatjana.gornostaja@tilde.com.

eTTB partners:

·         Tilde, Latvia (coordinator)

·         University of Copenhagen, Denmark

·         Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies, Iceland

·         Institute of the Estonian Language, Estonia

·         Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

·         International Network for Terminology, Austria

·         Institute for Language and Folklore, Sweden

·         Swedish Centre for Terminology, Sweden

·         Institute of the Lithuanian language, Lithuania

Project eTranslation TermBank is co-financed by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility