The Catalogue of CEF eTranslation Services – Language tools and services at one glance


Multilingualism is a European asset, but at the same time it can present barriers to free flow of information and cross-border communication. Such obstacles can be efficiently overcome with the use of Language Technology (LT) and language-centric Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recent advancements in the field, both by the research community and by the European LT industry, have yielded mature LT solutions that can facilitate digital communication across European languages.

Funded by the European Commission, the CEF AT Tools and Services Project (SMART 2016/0103) is providing an overview of the current availability of LT services developed in Europe for Europe.  The Catalogue of eTranslation Services is a listing of such tools and services, aiming to support the digital multilingual operations of public administrations, SMEs, system developers, digital service infrastructures etc. It is available at

 The Catalogue provides a collection of language technologies, including but going also beyond machine translation. It contains a large number of LT solutions for e.g. speech recognition and synthesis, computer-assisted translation, anonymization, text analytics or conversational systems, among others. The services included are either offered by CEF eTranslation or by third-party providers (free of charge or for a fee). All tools and services are appropriately described with metadata and can be browsed and searched through the Catalogue website. You can search for language technologies that perform a specific task, for a given language, or for providers located in specific countries and much more.  

I am a service provider. How can I include my services in the Catalogue of Services?

As LT industry is growing rapidly, it cannot be guaranteed that all service providers are already listed in the Catalogue of Services. If you are located in a European country and offering mature tools and/or services for processing European languages, but you are not listed yet, please contact or complete this form to help the CEF AT Tools and Services team extend the collection.