Upcoming Language Technology Workshops


Disinformation and Disaster Response - LT to the rescue

“Language Technology vs. Disinformation” 24 November 2020, Zoom

Today’s technologies like social media, search engines or ad networks can be used not only to access huge amounts of information and to acquire knowledge, but also to spread and support disinformation quickly and widely. Citizens’ exposure to large-scale disinformation, including misleading or outright false information is a major challenge for Europe. Fake news, hate speech in social media and infodemic have reached our daily lives and there is a growing concern about their impact on politics, economy and our social lives.

According to a study conducted by the MIT, false information spread even faster than the truth. But what can we do against it? The upcoming Workshop “Language Technology vs. Disinformation”, taking place on 24 November from 10 am to 4 pm CET via Zoom will explain how language technologies (LT) can help tackle this issue. Targeted at European public services, public administrations and SMEs, the event will showcase how LT can be used to detect false information, to identify sentiments and trends on social media, to support communication between fact checkers… and much more. The full agenda is available here. If you are interested, please register for free here .

“Crisis Response – Language Tools to the Rescue” 9 December 2020, Zoom

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, citizens are confronted with many challenges, one of them being the amount of information which is steadily growing and rapidly changing. In such difficult times, it is very important to have access to the latest information and to really understand the contents of latest publications, regulations and news updates. Even though multilinguality is one of the key values of Europe, it can also be an obstacle when it comes to handling these huge amounts of information and providing them in an efficient and trustworthy way to all citizens, in their native language.

On 9 December, the virtual workshop “Crisis Response – Language Tools to the Rescue”, taking place from 10:30 am to 4 pm CET, will give an overview on how language tools can help in this situation and how it can assist caregivers, victims and researchers in high-urgency situations. If you would like to know how such tools can e.g. help cope with information in minority languages, analyse textual data or gather data for training tools, please register here for this free event. The full agenda and further background information are available here.