ELRC workshop held in Zagreb, Croatia


The Croatian ELRC workshop was held in Zagreb on April 21st 2016, at the premises of the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia. The event was organized jointly by the Croatian Language Technologies Society and the DGT Zagreb Office. The workshop was attended by more than 50 participants from 35 different organizations, while the 13 sessions organized within the predefined format were presented by 14 speakers.

The opening addresses were delivered by Branko Baričević Petrić (Head of EC Representation in Croatia), Marina Petrić (Head of the Zagreb Office of the DG Translation), Marko Tadić (ELRC Technology National Anchor Point, University of Zagreb) and Stelios Piperidis (ELRC /ILSP).

The program featured presentations by representatives of ELRC and the EC, as well a number of panel discussions with local experts from the government sector and public institutions, providing useful information on the situation of the public translation services in Croatia, their availability and conditions of their accessibility. The panels initiated lively discussions, where a lot of potential data sources have been detected and many useful applications of the CEF.AT platform were announced and expected by the translators working in different bodies of public administration, institutions, but also private translation companies.

For more information, you may read the public report  or visit the event webpage.