ELRC Experience Cafés in Brussels and in Vienna


In March, ELRC conducted the first two ELRC Experience Cafés.

The first event took place at the eSENS Final Conference on March 2-3, 2017 with its main focus on enabling digital public services in Europe. At the Experience Café, ELRC met representatives of public services across Europe, introducing the aims and activities of the project and sharing ELRC’s vision of how to bridge the language gap in public services. ELRC explained how the action is enabling public online services to be available in any of the official languages of the EU, thus allowing every citizen of the EU, Norway and Iceland to freely communicate in their own language. The representatives also illustrated the benefits of sharing language resources among public service administrations (in particular to improve efficiency of the translation process in public services across Europe).

The second ELRC Experience Café took place in Vienna on March 30, 2017, as part of the EULITA conference, an association of legal translators and interpreters all over Europe. At the event, ELRC had the unique chance to talk to professional translators in the legal domain and understand their particular constraints and requirements with regard to machine translation.

In Vienna, LRC representatives learned that the eJustice Portal is a very valuable source of information, due to the domain-specific translations it holds – underlining once more the importance of sharing language data in public services. Nonetheless, even in the eJustice portal a lot of relevant information is not yet available in all 24 official European languages. This is exactly where ELRC comes into play, with its key task of collecting relevant language resources and providing tools that may also support professional translators to translate more texts in a shorter amount of time. With the resources ELRC gathers in public services, engines can be developed that are trained for various public service domains – including the legal domain.