Workshop "Customizing Machine Translation"


The workshop Customizing Machine Translation was organized in the framework of the Smart 2016/0103 project, coordinated by the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT) of the European Commission, and took place at the Hilton Brussels Grand Place hotel on 25 April 2019.

The workshop was motivated by the fact that many Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) of the EC, such as e-Justice and Open Data Portal, are either already using the machine translation (MT) system eTranslation, developed by the Directorate‑General for Translation, or have shown an interest in the system during the focused meetings they had in 2018 with CrossLang, one of the project members. During these meetings, DSIs pointed at a number of (potential) MT issues arising from their specific environment. Some of these issues relate to the properties of the material they want to translate, such as domain and lack of context, leading to a need for customizing MT.

Participants of the workshop included representatives of DSIs, members of public administrations, researchers from academia, and delegates of companies. Speakers from public organizations, companies and academia provided information on the objectives of DG CNECT, the status of eTranslation, the collection of MT training data, the training process, the evaluation of MT output, and the integration of terminology with MT. One of the presentations dealt with the use case of a public service applying MT in its environment. The workshop not only provided participants with information, but also with an opportunity to exchange information on their working environment and needs and to identify common challenges.