Workshop "Showcasing Language Technology in H2020 and CEF Telecom projects"


The workshop Showcasing Language Technology in H2020 and CEF Telecom projects, held at the Hilton Brussels Grand Place hotel on 26 April 2019, provided representatives of DSIs, public organizations, academia and companies with the opportunity to get an overview of all language technology (LT) related projects currently funded by the CEF Telecom programme and the H2020 programme (17 projects in total). During its focused meetings with DSIs in 2018, CrossLang found out that the latter have an interest in various types of LT, such as MT, speech technology and natural language understanding. Therefore, a workshop was organized to illustrate the potential of context-specific LT implementations. Projects presented during the workshop showed a large variety in terms of goals, topics and current status. In case of CEF Telecom, the projects deal with generic services (deployment and integration) and focus on cross-border collaboration. In case of H2020, the projects are research oriented. The projects are in different phases: some have recently started, while others have been running for a while, or recently ended. Topic-wise, most projects have an MT component or related component, but projects also deal with other topics, such as speech recognition, privacy and the linking of data. Presenters, mostly project coordinators, included researchers from academia or other organizations and industry representatives. The projects were presented in oral sessions and a poster session. The latter allowed for increased interaction between workshop participants. The large number of presentations and posters and the presence of many project members allowed participants to get a unique overview of projects on a single day.