From August until early November, our social media series “Did you know that…?” gave the ELRC community a sneak peek of the findings from our latest workshops, including facts about national developments related to language technology, data collection and digitisation. Now that we gave you some content to impress your colleagues during the coffee chats and that you know, for instance, that Language Technology is one of the three key development areas in the new draft strategy of the Estonian Language, it’s time for us to go back to the roots. 

That’s why from mid-November, we will start a new series, focusing on the basics of language-centric Artificial Intelligence. Have you ever been using machine translation and asked yourself what’s actually happening “behind the curtains” to make this work? And did you know that the CEF eTranslation language tools can help you keep in touch with your international Twitter followers or to prepare your next presentation for a conference? There are many questions – and we have the answers! Our next clips will explain how machine translation works, why ELRC is investing so much effort into collecting language data and what you can do with the CEF eTranslation language tools – all in a short and simple way. 

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Is there anything you want to know about the “magic” of AI or is there a special question you got tired of answering? We’d be happy to hear your suggestions – simply send them via email to info@lr-coordination.eu