Every three months, the CEF Dashboards give an update on the uptake, service availability and the financial management of Building Blocks, Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) and Connectivity initiatives of the CEF Telecom Programme and provide information about the reuse of the CEF Building Blocks.

The most interesting highlights of the fourth quarter of 2020 were recently published on the CEF Digital Portal, with impressive news for the European Commission’s machine translation service eTranslation. It turned out that from Q1 2018 until Q4 2020, eTranslation processed 328 million translation requests. Comparing this achievement with the requests processed by Q3 2020 (253 million), this was a considerable increase of 30%. Since 2018, more than 220 million pages were translated by eTranslation. These numbers reflect the ever-growing need for multilingual support of public administrations and SMEs all across Europe.

The eTranslation team is also steadily improving and adapting the eTranslation engines to their users’ needs. Since 2018, the engines were updated almost 360 times, including e.g. access and service improvements, the extension of language coverage and the introduction of new features such as Multilingual Tweet translation or Named-Entity Recognition – and of course, further improvements and additions are already on their way.

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